Open Letter to Michael Guen’s Group


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4 Responses

  1. Y says:

    It’s about time for the truth to come out.

    I only worked with Michael’s group for 8 months. In the beginning it felt inspiring, though my gut instinct was putting up red flags, which I ignored.
    My female teacher , one of his longest disciples, was embarrassingly submissive to him. After deciding to be her student, we went to meet with Michael for his approval, which felt completely strange.

    In Michael’s office, he questioned our motives in her training me. The deal was that she couldn’t progress to a black belt in the Bagua Quan style he taught, until she trained another woman to a black belt level. I told her I had not money, and she said that was OK because my contribution was giving her the opportunity to reach her black belt.

    Sitting in the office with Michael – everything felt like a performance. He asked us why we didn’t want to just have informal training sessions with just the two of us, not connected to Wassah Inst. and his overview? Why did we think we could be the LINEAGE carriers, and be the ONES who brought back the TRUE FEMININE WISDOM? (sounds a little like Frodo, or Neo in the Matrix – -“Are you the ONES”?)

    Part of me wanted to play along and sign up for the fantasy – OK – maybe we’re the ONES and lets just see.
    But most of me was pissed off that he was putting words into my mouth and making the situation so grandiose. Inside myself I was saying, “well, I’d rather just have informal trainings with ——“. But I felt I’d let my friend down if I didn’t give her an opportunity to reach her black belt. So I just went along with it.

    I trained with her for 8 months. We had fun together and I got stronger. But two things continued to be OFF.
    1. She continued to show personality traits which I’d never noticed before – namely deep shame and low self-worth connected to Michael’s opinion of her. He was constantly humiliating her in the larger core group and taking away her “special tasks” that he’d given her, saying she was screwing things up and not ready to hold that responsibility. And the responsibilities he gave to her (working for free for him) were menial – they were silly. Anyone could do them.
    2. The FREE training I agreed to do to help my friend reach a black belt suddenly turned into a $50 per month commitment, and buying all three of Michael’s books was required, and then there was more money requested. Then…. MIchael, through my teacher, started shaming me for expecting something for nothing!

    After many months Michael invited me to put together a group of women. He had a class going for Women’s work. I guess he had no one signing up because he told me if I just got my group together he’d teach us.

    I totally fell for this one! I was excited to gather my women friends, former students and clients together to have a special private group with him. This I did.

    Unfortunately – in the first group, I noticed that of the 7 of us, he was particularly interested in the two youngest and prettiest women. And these two women seemed to, as the weeks passed, become more enamored by him.
    After 6 or so meetings, the older women in the group left disgusted. We were disgusted by Michael’s arrogance, narcissism and manipulations. To my great sadness the younger women stayed and one of them is now engaged to Michael! And he wants to have a child with her.
    The guilt I feel is tremendous. But I have to let go and remember that she is an adult and for some reason, she is choosing this experience. I’m sure Michael is on his best behavior with her, making sure he gives her just enough power so she feels free. But he’ll surely tighten his control as the years pass.

    After I left the group, I had a huge falling out with my female teacher. She called me a narcissist and that I’m endangering women’s lives by holding women’s circles and teaching my gifts without having attained mastery.

    I was blown away. She was describing Michael not me! So I knew that she had been told by Michael that this is what I was doing and she was regurgitating it to me.

    I confronted my female friend/teacher and told her what say about the group. She defended Michael and the group. Eventually she told me we couldn’t be in each others lives anymore. This is how Michael isolates his disciples from any dissenting voices about him. He feeds them with lies and brainwashes them against those who truly love them.

    Years have passed and I haven’t thought about any of them since, until Ruth called me and we got together for lunch. I was so grateful that she was free! And we had a good talk about what we saw and experienced. Since, I’ve called some of the other women who I’d recruited for the group and had left working with Michael. One of them described his sexual manipulation towards her, which Ruth had also had happen. This angered me tremendously, and I now am even more concerned for my former student who is engaged to him.

    I encourage any former pupils of Michael’s to contribute to ending the abuse by writing your experience here!
    Thank you Ruth and Karl for your courage and strength and love.

  2. anon says:

    It was clear to me after two meetings with Michael that he was not an appropriate leader. He insulted my friend who had been in the group for a long time and other people in the group and told me he wanted to marry me- I hardly knew him!

  3. anon says:

    Finally the cult leader is being exposed. I do not feel like going into all the details because what goes around comes around and Mr. Guen, a man of exemplary poor character, will receive the results of his actions like the rest of us.

    In my case I am amazed at how I got sucked into the group for a few years — even when he boasted about his sexual exploits among his students many of whom were previously abused women!! Looking back on it, I can see how I was wanting to learn so badly that I blinded myself to the manipulation and abuse that are daily fare in Guen’s groups. As a man I only got to see his financial predatory nature and having me do his errands occasionally, since that kind of activity was beneath him. I saw very poor people working for nothing doing his chores 20 hours a week just so they could attend an hour class. The most amazing thing was how long it took me to leave with all of this clearly going on. Can only blame myself here.

    It is a good lesson of how cults work — they require blind sheep and a “master.” I cannot imagine the people who most need to read these accounts actually reading them BUT one can hope that some do and come to their senses.

    For me it was a bitter lesson about my gullibility and others exploiting it but others REALLY got taken to the cleaners. My heart goes out to the couple who paid 3k a month for many, many years to support Guen and his sexual/financial exploits. The woman had a crush on him (I have no data that it was any more than this) and convinced her husband to pay the $$ each month. Guen treated both of them with contempt on and off, both in front of them and behind their backs. The poor woman at one time thought that working with Guen saved their marriage. Maybe it had. I ran into the two of them in the market a few years after I left the cult and I had never seen them so radiant — I mean really radiant. They told me that they had stopped seeing Guen for a couple of years. It showed.

    Guen, like all predators, preys on people’s ignorance and emotional weak spots. How many people know how to evaluate an acupuncturist? After I went to a real acupuncturist I then realized how callous and uncaring Guen was about my health. It was a shock. THEN I discovered when I showed my acupuncturist, who was trained in qi gong, the so-called ba gua (not the yin fu form) that I was taught he laughed and said these were elementary qi gong exercises. So Guen was charging hundred+ of dollars an hour — over years – -to teach something one could learn in a weekend workshop for $150. I could go on and on but if you read these posts you know enough. All I can say is that it is more rotten than you could imagine.

    The dude will pay the karmic debt as we all will. I check in on him every year or so because I figured the shit was going to hit the fan for him eventually. Now it is starting. Just be glad you are not Michael Guen, the short man with the character level of an ant and a rap that the devil would die for.

    • Mary says:

      My experience with Mr Guen was many years ago. I met him thru one of his devoted followers for an acupuncture session. One thing I will never forget is how he told me very personal information about more than one of his followers, as one would talk “dirt” behind someone’s back. Now why would a professional acupuncturist feel the need to talk about a client to another client? The answer I come up with is that it’s all about manipulation. To make a long story short, he proceeded to attempt to seduce me. It didn’t work. I resisted every physical advance.
      Emotionally, he manipulates and undermines your self confidence, causing one to think you need him to guide you to be your best self. Which is completely the opposite of the truth. You need to have control over yourself to be your best self. “Know Thyself” is key. How can one know oneself with Michael Guen getting in there with his mind control? You are simply an extension of his will.
      Thankfully in my case I wasted very little time and money on this pretentious predator. He doesn’t have a license to practice psychology, but calls himself a “psychologist.” Unless you obtain a license, you cannot practice. It’s like going to law school, but never passing the bar exam. You cannot legally practice without a license.
      I wish all the people who are still under his control could come to their senses~ it’s never too late! Even if you grieve over the time and money lost~ still better to get out and enjoy the rest of your life in true freedom.

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