How to Fake a Magical Weekend in a Cult

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  1. Haha not now! says:

    He was doing this same stuff in 1994 when I was a member. I was in the original group. gotta say no one “made” you pay for his luxurious trips. I was asked one time to pay for his hotel room when he had moved to Sedona and he was back in town for the weekend. I said No Way! I am already paying for my time to see him. I will not contribute to pay for his damn room. I always found it was the women who really fell for his load of crap. At this point it was starting to remind me of Jim Jones and Jonestown and how the women really facilitated his weirdness. So I was put on the shit list. Of course it bothered me but for christs sake why are you paying for his room? He also wanted us to give him some money each month after he moved to Sedona. I refused that as well. More shit list. Really felt is was idiotic to pay for his whole lifestyle. I mean I was not even going to see him and he wanted me to give him money each month!
    Who is to blame? He cant “make” you do anything. Was he a manipulator? Of course! Big time! I have a ton of stories about this guy. I saved every piece of paper that came my way. I also remember how members were all too eager to do as they were told so they could move up. Just like Jonestown. I think you need to look inward and see what it was that made you so vulnerable and so eager to rat each other out. These lessons might take a life time to learn but I think it is worth while to look at your part in this. Look very deeply. Then you will be free and able to call him out. But you need to be clear about your own culpability first before you cast the needed stones.

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