Are you in a Cult Questionnaire

This is a generic Cult questionnaire which can be found also on many other cult awareness sites like The questions are not customize to the Michael Guen cult. Think about each question before you answer and answer honestly remembering that this is your life and you want to know only the truth for your own protection and that of your loved ones. Then, Count the number of Yes answers. A cult does not have to have all of the characteristics in the table or in the description alongside. However, if you have answered Yes to more than 6 of these questions, there is a very good chance that you are in a cult which can seriously damage your life and health. If you are concerned for a family member or friend you can take the questionnaire as well for guidance if you should be concerned or not.

1) Does your group claim to be the only “Way”?

2) Are you told there is no alternative?

3) Are you told leaving means certain degeneration, death or relapse?

4) Do members see themselves as different from society, special, chosen pioneers or on a mission?

5) Do you feel strong pressure to conform?

6) Do dissenters face rebuke or isolation?

7) Are there answers, clich├ęs, quotes & slogans for everything?

8) Is your main social life within the group?

9) Do you spend huge amounts of time in group activities?

10) Are you expected to make regular confessions of private issues?

11) Do you ask the group for advice on life decisions before acting?

12) Are there many “clones” in the group?

13) Do you have a personal mentor, sponsor or inspector?

14) Does the group claim to be ultra democratic?

15) Are there favorites, cliques and secret circles, hidden hierarchies?

16) Are there rituals, initiations, proclamations, charters, ceremonies?

17) Does the group offer certainty over uncertainty; absolute truths, black and white answers in the name of religion or science?

18) Is a living or dead leader venerated?

19) Do leaders flatter, cajole and rebuke to manipulate members for control, power, money and/or sex?

20) Has the leader ever been the member of another political, social or religious sect?

21) Are other groups ridiculed or lied about?


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