Characteristics of a Cult Psychopath?

One of the most prominent features of a destructive cult is that it most often run by a charismatic, authoritarian leader. He is a master manipulator, someone who observes people intently with the purpose of establishing a false sense of intimacy with everyone he comes across. The cult leader is oftentimes a psychopath as well. The image of a serial killer may come to a person’s mind when they think of the word psychopath. What does it really mean? A psychopath is a person with a brain impaired that disallows him from experiencing emotions of empathy and remorse. He cannot be reformed or changed because he is genetically different from other people. Oftentimes, he can be a pathological liar. A psychopath cannot be trusted. A very good resource to understand psychopaths is a documentary called “I, Psychopath.”

This is just the first part of the video the others are on Youtube.

What are the characteristics of a Psychopath?

As a prominent manipulator, he plays with other people’s emotions. He has an uncanny ability to read another person for the sole purpose of getting into another person brain and getting them to trust him. The psychopath mimics emotions and pretends to care for other people. He is emotionally shallow, meaning that he cannot truly feel deeper emotions. In one study, they depicted disturbing images to participants and measured the amount of brain activity. Some of the ones who were diagnosed as psychopaths actually had almost no brain activity in the area of the brain which is responsible for those emotions. In actuality, a psychopath cannot feel what is known as love because his brain basically does not have the capability. He can pretend to love and mimic the emotion as a learned behavior but he does not know what it really means to love someone.

Another quality that a psychopath possesses is an absence of nervousness, something that affects his presentation to the world. Because he is not like a typical person, he is acting through life. This is why it is impossible to trust the psychopath and what he is telling you. Furthermore, the psychopath has a very difficult time maintaining relationships outside the control of power. He burns bridges very easily and leaves a wake of irresponsible actions that devastate other relationships. This could also be related to the fact that he gets bored easily and needs constant stimulation (and possibly new relationships).

The psychopath cannot follow through with his goals. He has problems concentrating and will often change the nature of his goals. In addition, he may have big ideas or delusions that come from his inflated ego. You may notice that this person aggrandizes himself. He becomes larger than life. He feels a sense of entitlement in the world. Within these grand delusions, the psychopath does not take any responsibility for his behavior. Through the narcissistic behavior, he will blame other people and be completely absorbed in himself.

Most of his grandiose behavior is actually a cover up for his insecurity. A psychopath needs constant attention and approval in order to feel important in the world and that is why he will gather people around him. Using his charm and charisma, he will pull people into his domain. He will use control and manipulation in order to keep them under his spell. The psychopath keeps people under his thumb by using shame and guilt. I cannot stress enough that the psychopath has no remorse for his actions. He cannot be reasoned with. It is pointless to try and argue with him in a rational way.

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