Destructive Cult and Mind Control Books

We worked with David throughout Ruth Intervention and his book made me realize how Destructive Cult’s and Mind Control work. The book is easy to digest and a great resource throughout an Intervention
[amazon asin=B0089E17PQ&text=David McDermott  - Mind Control Manual]

Steve Hassan was ten years with the Dr. Moon Cult (Moonies) and is a respected expert about Mind Control and Cult Intervention. Hassan exposes the troubling facts about cult recruitment, their use of psychological manipulation, and their often subtle influence on government, the legal system, and society as a whole.
[amazon asin=0892813113&text=Steve Hassan  - Combatting Cult Mind Control]

Cult victims and those who have suffered abusive relationships often suffer from fear, confusion, low self-esteem, and post-traumatic stress. Take Back Your Life explains the seductive draw that leads people into such situations, provides guidelines for assessing what happened, and hands-on tools for getting back on track. Written for victims, their families, and professionals, this book leads readers through the healing process. We posted Madeleine Tobias Videos under Resources on this website.
[amazon asin=0972002154&text=Janja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias - Take Back Your Life]

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