What is a Destuctive Cult?

Cult literature explains that it is a group with a particular doctrine or belief system and led by a manipulative, authoritarian leader who seeks full control. He may use mind control techniques to keep the participant actively involved. Oftentimes, there is motive for money, sex or power. In a destructive cult, you no longer have the freedom of choice, thought or feeling. Everything is being manipulated and controlled by the cult leader for his or her selfish motivations.

Here is the insidious nature of mind control. It happens without you even knowing it. And all the while, you think that you have the freedom to decide what you want to do or say next. The seeds are being planted in the new members mind and they don’t even realize it. Through the indoctrination process where you learn to speak the spiritual jargon of the group, the new member begins to form what was called a pseudo personality. Cult literature describes this alternate personality as a clone of the cult leader. Basically, my girlfriend had a Mini-Michael installed into her, someone who would defend the leader with a passion and always believe in what he was saying. And it was all in the name of money, power and sex.

The member being in the pseudo personality mode would use all the fancy words and jargon, shop talk in order to sound spiritually advanced and raise a barrier between them and the outside world. In the pseudo personality mode, the members think of themselves as superior. In addition to having that superiority complex which mirrored Michael, they would be painfully full of guilt. This was a very useful feature programmed by the cult leader in order to control them even more. This way, the members could never consider leaving the group because they start believing that something bad would happen to them. They also believe that everything was their fault and never the fault of the leader.

All in all, the cult members don’t have a choice anymore. Their real personality is suppressed. It was a lot like erasing a personality and replacing it with a robot who would automatically think, feel and act like a member of the cult. I noticed this especially when I went out to dinner with another cult member. When I asked her questions, her responses were exactly the same as my girlfriend’s! It was as though they were a tape recording of each other. Needless to say, I was alarmed. So when this Mini-Michael was installed in my girlfriend, she really didn’t had her own voice. Michael Guen claims that all of the women are trying to find their authentic voices and their individuality. He said the exact opposite of what was actually happening. This is called hiding in plain sight.

One of the main characteristics of a destructive cult is that a psychopath is most likely involved. A psychopath is genetically different from other people. He or she is incapable of feeling empathy and remorse. They use people for their own desires and have no qualms about manipulating others. You cannot reason with a psychopath and oftentimes they are pathological liars. This is what makes them particular dangerous.

– Ruth & Karl –

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